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Articles from 2001

Welcome Cartoon Fans!

Tony Cochran
Creator of Agnes
28 December 2001
Mike Baldwin
Creator of Cornered
13 December 2001
Mike Morgan
Creator of For Heaven's Sake
30 November 2001
Dave Coverly
Creator of Speed Bump
16 November 2001
Bob Thaves
Creator of Frank and Ernest
2 November 2001
Tom K. Ryan
Creator of Tumbleweeds
19 October 2001
Pat Brady
Creator of Rose is Rose
5 October 2001
Tom Wilson and Tom Wilson II
Creator of Ziggy
21 September 2001
Randy Glasbergen
Creator of The Better Half
7 September 2001
Russell Myers
Creator of Broom-Hilda
24 August 2001
Johnny Hart
Creator of B.C. and Wizard of Id
10 August 2001
Rube Goldberg
Creator of The Inventions and Much More
13 July 2001
Greg Curfman
Creator of Meg
29 June 2001
Garry Trudeau
Creator of Doonesbury
15 June 2001
Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott
Creator of Baby Blues
1 June 2001
Dik Browne
Creator of Hagar the Horrible
18 May 2001
Jim Unger
Creator of Herman
4 May 2001
Cathy Guisewite
Creator of Cathy
20 April 2001
Jim Davis
Creator of Garfield
6 April 2001
Bill Watterson
Creator of Calvin and Hobbes
9 March 2001