Susanna McLeod - What's Better Than Having a Comic Strip Collection Book?  Having Two!

October 21, 2005

    So many wonderful comic strip collections have been issued this year, it’s a pretty tough decision about which books to buy. Drooling over them at the store, scanning the pages and fawning over them does no good. (Yep, I have done that.) Having them in hand at home, reading and laughing as you lounge on your couch or in your easy chair with a hot cocoa, now that’s the good life. Where to start? Mutts, Zits, Baby Blues, Get Fuzzy, they’re all available. Non Sequitur, For Better or For Worse, Doonesbury, plus so many more…

Get Fuzzy

    Darby Conley is fast becoming the fan choice for his comic strip, Get Fuzzy. “Scrum Bums: A Get Fuzzy Collection” will be released in early November, featuring Bucky Katt and Satchel Pooch along with their owner Rob Wilco and his friends. Conley, through Andrews McMeel Publishing, is also issuing a smaller hard cover book entitled, “A Friend Is: A Get Fuzzy Gift Book”. There are over a dozen Get Fuzzy books to enjoy.

Darby Conely gift

Baby Blues

    “Our Server is Down: Baby Blues Scrapbook #20” will hit the spot with parents and families. Scott Kirkman and Rick Borgman really, really know kids and family life. This book will make you think they’ve seen your household in action.


    Choosing a single hilarious Doonesbury character for this book, Garry Trudeau features the antics of unemployed but thoughtfully happy Zonker in this funny collection, “Dude: The Big Book of Zonker”, due out December 1st.

Stone Soup

    Jan Eliot put another set of Stone Soup strips into publication recently this year through Four Panel Press. “Stone Soup The Comic Strip” is the third book of the popular cartoon. Centered on the lives of two single moms and their families, Stone Soup has a heartwarming and funny sincerity that keeps readers returning for more.


    The simple, old-fashioned humour of Mutts is a mainstay for me. The fourth book in the series, “Sunday Evenings”, showcases Patrick McConnell’s fine sense of humour and art, and his love and concern for animals.


    His running shoes are huge, his hair is getting scraggly, his personality soars with charm. And 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan is the star of the show, er, comic strip. The new Zits book, “Pimp My Lunch: Zits Sketchbook #10” is a keeper, definitely something to treasure.

Scott Borgman Raeside

The Other Coast

    “This is your first rock garden, isn’t it: An Other Coast Collection” is another great book. The lives of the characters are so normal yet so quirky at the same time. Adrian Raeside has an adept eye at catching the funny in everyday life in The Other Coast.

Non Sequitur

    Another set of Sunday comic strips out this year is “Non Sequitur’s Sunday Color Treasury.” The meaning of non sequitur is, in Latin, “it does not follow”. Creator Wiley Miller uses the phrase to find the humour in everything and does an award-winning job of it.


    Very self-deprecating, sassy for her young years and adorable, "Agnes", by Tony Cochran, is the star of "I Have Tampered With The Divine Plan: an Agnes Collection. With a face only a grandmother could love and a free spirit, "Agnes" makes fans smile with understanding.

Bo Nanas

    His name's Nanas. Bo Nanas, that is, and it is one great comic. A kind, gentle monkey, walking and talking in the human world is bound to make for great chuckles. "Bo Nanas: Monkey Meets World" is creator John Kovaleski's first comics collection and a real treasure to add to your shelf.

For Better or For Worse

    Lynn Johnston, creator of For Better or For Worse has so many collections books out now, it’s hard to keep track. When her strip is completed in a couple of years, the Patterson’s lives will have come full-circle. It no doubt will live a long and prosperous life through the books. “Never Wink At A Worried Woman” showcases the beloved Pattersons at the middle stages of life – aging parents, young teens at home and hot flashes all over the place.


Calvin and Hobbes

    And for the most dedicated Bill Watterson fans, (and there are many) “The Complete Calvin and Hobbes” is now available. The hardcovered three-book boxed set includes every Calvin and Hobbes strip from dailies to Sundays. It is printed on glossy paper and is a necessity to have and enjoy for any addicted Calvin and Hobbes fan. I poured over it at the bookstore and found it to be a pricey but worthy tribute to the endearing little kid and his suave tiger friend. Comics collections are not only funny but also available at a good price. I need to make room for a few more on my bookshelf!

        These wonderful comics collections books are available at bookstores online and at your local bookshop. Except for where indicated, the books listed are published by Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2005.

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