Todd Clark & Scott Nickel, Creators of Triple Take

September 23, 2005

   It’s more than a chuckle… one look at this comic strip just might produce three laughs. Triple Take cartoonists Todd Clark and Scott Nickel have the tough job of creating three punch lines in every installment of the comic strip. And so far, they have been every bit a success.

    Professional and very skilled cartoonists with massive talents, Clark and Nickel were selected from the files of King Features Syndicate’s Editor-in-Chief, Jay Kennedy to develop the new comic strip.

    “Ask any cartoonist who has labored all day on one punch line,” noted Kennedy in the press release for Triple Take, “and they will tell you how difficult it is to create three ideas for one gag. It takes true talent.” *(1)


    United by the King Features editor, Todd and Scott took up the challenge of creating a comic strip with a funny new twist, a comic strip that demanded three punch lines. The cartoonists have no regular characters or plot lines, and are free to cartoon on any topic that comes to mind – tourists, pigs, camels, relationships; the field is wide open for their delightfully humourous observations.

    The writer for Triple Take, Todd Clark is a busy, innovative man. He began his full-time career in comic strip humour in 1990, after taking a major in advertising design from Boise State University in Boise, Idaho. His cartooning work has appeared in the Saturday Evening Post and other prestigious magazines. Contributing to "Mother Goose and Grimm", "Sherman’s Lagoon", "Bound and Gagged" and "Dennis the Menace", Todd is quietly and firmly installed on the comics pages. He also became half of the team that creates the popular comic strip, "Lola", with cartoonist Steve Dickenson. ("Lola", about a sassy woman in her senior years and her family, appears in syndication under United Media Syndicate.)

    Scott Nickel is also a hard-working, imaginative cartoonist, working with Jim Davis at "Paws", the Garfield Studio, and co-authoring some of the many "Garfield" books. An inventive fellow, Scott drew editorial cartoons for a California newspaper, winning awards for his efforts. Scott’s talents led him to work in the greeting card industry, creating large numbers of humourous greeting cards for Paramount and American Greetings. *(2)

    The humour of Triple Take is simple and direct; the punch lines are short, uncomplicated and funny. In the August 3rd strip, three camels are discussing life in the desert. “I can’t begin to tell you all the places I’ve got sand stuck” is one of the punch lines

    The hilarious Triple Take debuted in April 2005.

    Scott Nickel and his family, including his wife, two sons and assorted pets - from cats to sea monkeys - live in Indiana (no doubt close to the Paws Studio). Todd Clark, his wife Kelly and their two daughters make their home in Boise, Idaho.

    Go ahead and have a look at Triple Take. You’ll be grinning three times longer than usual.

Cartooning Update:
Sadly, Triple Take was cancelled on August 26, 2007.


*(2) (Link broken)

Have a look at Lola:

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