Gilchrist Cartoon Academy: Learn cartooning skills from the professionals

February 23, 2007

     Have you been sketching, creating characters and funny plot lines, but just can't get the thing to fly? Has your sharp sense of humour been dulled by rejection? Maybe Guy Gilchrist and the instructors at the Gilchrist Cartoon Academy are what you need for advice, assessment and training to send your comic soaring.

     As new cartoonists, it wasn't all breezy for Guy and his brother Brad to get their toes in the door to have their work accepted, but through persistence, an abundance of skill with the pen, and sheer determination, they made it to the top.

     Creating famous works of comics art such as Nancy ®, Mudpie, The Muppets, Your Angels Speak and many other productions, Guy Gilchrist is an experienced, professional cartoonist who is giving back by "paying it forward", sharing the knowledge that he learned from many others when he started out. They helped push open the door to his success. Gilchrist Cartoon Academy might be able to help you nudge openthat door, too.

     Opened in only 2005, Gilchrist Cartoon Academy based in Simsbury, Connecticut, is growing and responding to the needs of aspiring cartoonists. With in-person cartooning courses on-line courses and special cartooning events."Drawn to Success" is a series of 20 columns available to anyone on the web. It is filled with useful, positive advice, not only for cartoonists, but for anyone in a creative field.

© Guy Gilchrist

     The latest addition is the Apprenticeship Program, in which Guy will offer selected students "real-world" experience in cartooning for one - to three-month periods. The details are still in the works and will be announced on the Academy website soon.

     The "Drawn to Success" columns are a great place to start: Drawn to Success

     The Gilchrist Cartoon Academy On-line course listings: Course Listings and free demo

     Read about the amazing Guy and Brad Gilchrist on The Cartoonists.

     Ready to put your best effort into a cartooning career? The Gilchrist Cartooning Academy might be just the place to start.There is nobody better to learn from than a top-notch professional, ready to share his knowledge and experience.

     Good luck to Gilchrist Cartooning Academy and their students. And happy cartooning!

© Susanna McLeod 2007