Steve Boreman, Creator of Little Dog Lost

April 6, 2007

     It has happened again. I just can't help myself. Some cute little comic strip comes swishing along, waving it's enticing panels in front of me and boom! There's no use trying to fight it. Take a sweet, lost little dog, add a hungry, likeably-sly vulture, a sassy raven and a cluster of other curious animals to the mix, and, in the hands of the right cartoonist, you have the possibility of one great comic strip with countless plotlines and humour. Created by Steve Boreman, Little Dog Lost is adorable, metaphorically deep, and a whole lot of fun. Sigh... I'm smitten.

     But the story of Steve Boreman as syndicated cartoonist is new. His path to the door of the Washington Post Writers Group has been scenic. A professional with a solid arts background, Steve Boreman is a graduate of Ohio's Columbus College of Art and Design with Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art. Giftedwith a creative spirit, he uses his abundant skills in many media:

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  • An instructor at Columbus College of Art and Design, teaching cartooning and digital illustration.
  • A senior member of the Chute Gerdeman Group design team that created the graphics for M&M's theme store in New York City. The colourful display includes giant M&Ms. (Chute Gerdeman is an award-winning retail design company.) Steve also participated in Chute Gerdeman's designs for Disney's Polynesian Resort in Florida.
  • A freelance illustrator/cartoonist, whose work has brought smiles to readers of Gannett Newspapers, customers at LensCrafters, Red Lobster, Diamar Interactive, greeting cards, viewers of CD-ROMs, and much more.
  • A member of an mprov comedy group, creating storyboards and acting.
  • Past Chairman of the Great Lakes Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society.
  • And now, to add to all those successes, Steve is a syndicated cartoonist with a comic strip that is sure to entertain and draw fans. (There is just something about a hungry vulture on a telephone pole, suavely but unsuccessfully trying to get something killed for his dinner that makes me smile.) Little Dog Lost debuted March 26, 2007 under the Washington Post Writers Group.

     Living in Clintonville, Ohio, Steve is a volunteer with the Ohio State Cartoon Library and with Thurber House. He and his wife Julie recently began a new project of their own - their bouncing baby girl was born in July, 2006. Julie Boreman has the fascinating job of Donor Relations Manager for the Nature Conservancy in Ohio.

    Congratulations to Steve Boreman for achieving syndication. And while you and Little Dog Lost are trying to cross the street, don't listen to the vulture!

© Steve Boreman

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A short, informative interview with Steve Boreman by Alan Gardner, March 26, 2007.
Scroll way down to find it. It's worthwhile:

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