Cartooning Just Got A Lot Easier

October 5, 2007

    Browsing through our local art supply store is one of my favourite pastimes. The aisles are stacked with tubes and jars of paint in swaths of bright and muted colour. There are collections of brushes in every price range, several types of clay and sculpture materials, and so many different kinds of surfaces and papers that it is difficult to make a choice. As I rounded the end of one aisle, the display captured me immediately and I'm sure I gasped, I just hope not too loud.

    There before me was a selection of papers for cartoonists by Canson, a company whose business is art. And there wasn't just one type of paper for comics either, as my eyes went wide with joy. Pads for comic strips, Manga and comic book art boards. Sketch pads for comic books, layout sheets, cover sheets and concept pads. It was a moment of heaven (no matter that my comics skills are less than successful).

    "Wow," was all I could say as I picked up the comic strip boards. Made in the standard size designated by professionals plus extra space adding up to 5 by 17 inches. The 14 pages of sturdy 150-lb paper include the "non-reproducing" blue guide lines that disappear when the completed comic is under the camera. With the pre-set lines, panel spacing and word bubbles are already set. The store had the full Canson Fanboy line of comics-creating papers. It was a moment of pure delight. Priced between $8 and $16, they were a great find. Some pads even include advice and suggestions on creating great comics.

just got easier 1

got easier 3

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    The Canson Fanboy Manga and Comic Book pads come in varying sizes, from 8 1/2 by 11 inches to 11 x 17 inches, also with "non-repro" blue lines and with good-quality papers.

   Browsing the web, I also came across comic strip boards including Sundays by Blue Line Art. Their papers display a comic strip size of 4 1/13 by 13 inches, with space for annotations and are priced about $15..

    I'm sure that the paper supplies for cartoonists are nothing new, but I think what is new is the easy availability to everyone now, and prices that are not outrageous.

   Hurray for Cartoonists and Happy Cartooning!

got easier 2

   Here is a short list of suppliers, but I'm sure the Comic art pads can be found in many other places - perhaps your local art or office supply store will carry them:

Dick Blick

Blue Line Art

Blitz comic strip kit

© Susanna McLeod 2007