The NEA Holiday Special for 2007: The Humble Stumble

November 30, 2007

   It's that time again already: the delightful NEA Holiday Christmas Special is about to begin for 2007. This year's honoured artist is one of my favourite cartoonists, Roy Schneider, creator of The Humble Stumble. The Christmas exclusive, Roamin' Holiday, begins on December 3rd and runs to December 25th in newspapers and on the web.
It will disappear completely from the internet only a few weeks after that.

    Roy Schneider began The Humble Stumble to share the trials and joys of being a single father in charge of a young daughter. The challenges of this musician/cartoonist/father include a lot of dilemmas and laughs that we can all sympathize with.
"I didn't even know how to pack a school lunch," Roy told The Cartoonists in a 2006 interview.

Read the full interview here.

    Roamin' Holiday:  Christmas with the Humble Stumble is the cheerful story of a father and daughter who don't get to spend the holiday with the ones they love. "They try to make their way to a “normal” Christmas, and then finally embrace their situation and make the best of it," noted United Features.

    "I had a lot of fun creating this little story," Roy Schneider said recently on The Daily Cartoonist. "I never know precisely where a series is headed from the outset, and this was no exception. I really enjoyed watching how the characters handled everything as it developed."

    This year marks the 70th anniversary of the NEA Holiday Special. Congratulations, Roy. We're looking forward to this year's Holiday Special with Joe and Molly Humble!

    Look for Roamin' Holiday starting December 3rd at: And remember, it truly is a "special" and is only available for a short while. Catch it before it's gone!

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    There are two articles about the accomplished and funny Roy Schneider and The Humble Stumble on The Cartoonists:

Read the first story from 2004

Read the 2006 interview.

Season's Greetings!

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