Fresh Comic Strip Collections to Bring Your Winter Giggles Back

February 15, 2008

     One of my favourite articles to research is the selection of new comic strip collections about to be published. I have a few books, the ones I treasure still being my older Peanuts books from a couple of decades ago. I've been a Charles Schulz fan since I was a little girl and still can't resist the little Snoopy figurines and other merchandise. My family also know I treasure the comics and add to my collection regularly with wonderful surprises.

     Another comic strip book favourite that I have is B.C. by Johnny Hart. It's a small book, the size of a paperback novel printed in 1982, but originally published in 1975. I found it at the Goodwill store years and years ago. The Thrift shops and used goods stores are a great place to find old comic strip collections.

     But still, there is nothing like a brand-new collection in hand to chase away the dregs of winter and fill your home with giggles and smiles. Here's a sampling of collections recently out and others coming out soon, most published by Andrews and McMeel. Go ahead, indulge yourself.

New Books 20081

;     Published in October, 2007, Ziggy on Parade by Tom Wilson. Ziggy has been in publication for over 35 years and appears in 600 newspapers. The round little fellow's life is full of aggravation and hardship, yet he takes the calm and funny way through it all.

     Taking us back to Walden College and beyond is Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury collection, Welcome to the Nerd Farm. Trudeau's characters hit the satirical funny bone spot-on and can also bring on philosophical musings at the same time.
Published in November, 2007.

New Books 20082
New Books 20087

    Who could resist the teenaged Jeremy and his monkeying around in Jeremy and his Mom. Coming in March 2008, the collection is a "retrospective" of Zits strip aimed at moms and how their troubles with teenage sons are "universal", said cartoonists Borgman and Scott. They have such a good grip on teenagers.

     A very popular comic strip, Get Fuzzy, by Darby Conley, is coming out in a new collection on April 1st 2008. Take Our Cat, Please is how we all would feel if our pets were chatty, sassy and more than a little ingenious like Bucky the cat. Get Fuzzy is one of the tops for eye-rolling laughter, appearing over 550 newspapers world-wide.

New Books 20085
New Books 20084

    Home Sweat Home, the latest compilation by Lynn Johnston covers moving day from their family home to the house they purchased next door. A great storyline that so many of us can feel"right at home" with. For Better or For Worse appears in well over 2,000 newspapers globally. Watch for the new book this March.

     Last but not least, The Complete Peanuts 1967-1968 collection will be published this spring. Fifty years of the Peanuts Gang are being re-issued one book at a time and is a delight for the serious fan (like me!). The characters still have that older feeling to them, and the themes and humour of Charles Schulz are ever-lasting. Fantagraphics Publisher, May 2008.

New Books 200810

    Also look for these other new and wonderful comic strip compilations:
    Rose is Rose: 100% Whole Grin by Pat Brady and Don Wimmer, April 2008
    Mutts: Shelter Stories, Love. Guaranteed. by Patrick McDonnell, May 2008
    Peanuts Sudoku Comics Digest, March 2008.

     Happy reading!

© Susanna McLeod 2008