NEA Holiday Special 2009: Rip Haywire by Dan Thompson

December 7, 2009

Squared jaw, slick black hair and the driving spirit of a hero, Rip Haywire is a man's man, bravely taking on the troubles and dangers of the world. No slouch, he takes care of the bad guys with charm, good looks and two sidekicks - his equally-tough ex-sweetheart Cobra and his cowardly pooch, TNT. His derring-do also involves a great dash of humour, too. This Christmas, Rip Haywire by cartoonist Dan Thompson, is the NEA Holiday Special for 2009. Get ready for festive intrigue, adventure and a tantalizing story-line, but don't wait... the NEA Special starts December 7th and only runs for a few weeks.

The special opens with Rip Haywire needing to do some Christmas shopping for a bracelet for Cobra. In no time, he and sidekick dog TNT are in the thick of a mystery and danger that includes an old man, a parcel to deliver and a bomb. The Christmas story will unfold over 17 days of mayhem, fun and intrigue. I can hardly wait to see how it plays out!

Syndicated by United Media a little less than a year ago on January 12, 2008, Rip Haywire has taken the lead as comics hero. The strip was a winner from the start. In an interview with Tom Mason of, Dan Thompson mentioned that two days after he submitted a refined version of Rip Haywire to United Features, editor Ted Rall called with an offer. A cartoonist's dream come true, he was able to by-pass the usual development year and jump right into syndication. "I was at the sales meeting in NYC in the fall of 2008, and launched in Jan 09," Thompson said.

In a mix of traditional and modern creativity, Thompson uses trusty pen and ink to create Rip Haywire, then scans the art into his computer to add toning and colour. So far, he is ahead of deadline schedules, but has not settled into a routine that will permit long weekends whenever he wants.

Rip Haywire 1
NEA Holiday Special 2009 Rip Haywire

A seasoned cartoonist, Rip Haywire is not Dan Thompson's first comic strip. He is the creator of the delightful Lost Sheep. A well-designed comic with well-developed characters and good storylines, Lost Sheep did not catch on for syndication, running from 2003 to 2006 as a web comic.

Thompson's portfolio displays his wide range of talent. His work can be found in greeting cards, DC Comics books, web sites, magazines and more. Making his home in Graham, North Caroline, Dan Thompson is married and has one son.

With a dash of James Bond, a hint of Steve Canyon and the humour that only a serious comics cartoonist could create, Dan Thompson has created a winner with Rip Haywire. His storylines are full of excitement and adventure, the artwork is eyecatching, clear and engaging, and along with the drama, there is a chuckle, usually provided by Haywire's adorable dog.

Duck the bombs, run for shelter, head on over to Rip Haywire: Away in the Dangerbefore it's gone! (And you just might become a regular fan of the work of Dan Thompson.)

Merry Christmas, Comics Fans!

Rip Haywire 2
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