The 2010 NEA Holiday Special, "A Mall and the Right Visitor" by Jef Mallett

November 30, 2010


If the name of this year's NEA Holiday Special rings a somewhat familiar bell to comics fans, they would be right. Back by popular demand, said United Media, Jef Mallett's "A Mall and the Right Visitor" starring Frazz was the 2003 NEA Holiday Special. For 2010, the three-week festive strip special begins on December 6th. Better have a look at the Christmas delight before it disappears.


"A Mall and the Right Visitor" is dubbed as "an operatic, rhyming poem, making it not only a clever daily treat but also a collectible series," stated United Media, "that comes together as a heartwarming holiday story."

The Cartoonists featured the intriguing holiday series back in 2003 - check out the original feature and the fascinating biography of the captivating cartoonist Jef Mallet... then come on back for fresh information on the busy creator:

"2003 NEA Holiday Comics Special by Jef Mallet, Creator of Frazz"

Frazz 2010 NEA Holiday Special    

Welcome back! Jef Mallett certainly chose an unlikely character as lead of "Frazz" - an elementary school janitor. Frazz the janitor is is a hit with his school's kids, with an intelligent mind, a kind spirit and a musical bent in the classical vein. The main and secondary characters make for a warm and fuzzy strip with lots of heart and humour. Making its debut in 2000, the comic strip "Frazz" has grown in popularity with readers and now appears in over 200 newspapers to the joy of many fans.


A Mall and the Right Visitor 2010

Winning the prestigious Reuben Award for Best Newspaper Comic Strip in 2004 from the National Cartoonists Society, Jef Mallett also won two Wilbur Awards from the Religion Communicators Council. Mallet earned his first Wilbur in 2003 and the second in 2005. The Wilbur Award honour is given to recipients for "excellence in communicating values, ethics and religious thems in secular media."

The cartoonist is a busy man in other areas of his life - Mallett is a triathlete, a runner and a bicyclist, participating in Ironman races, noted United Media. A diverse man, he also enjoys music and fine art.

Along with the cartooning humour and artistic talents, Mallet is also an author. In 2009, he wrote "Trizophrenia: Inside the Minds of a Triathlete" (Velo Press 2009). Plus the several Frazz comics collections.
Frazz NEA Holiday Special 2010    

Michigan is the home state of Jef Mallet and his wife Patty, living in the city of Lansing.

Visit "A Mall and the Right Visitor" starting December 6, 2010, with the final strip appearing on Christmas Day. Catch it soon - it'll be gone again before we know it! Visit Frazz for a daily smile on the United site and check out the blog of Jef Mallet, too.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Cartooning New Year, comics fans!

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