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The Joe Shuster Awards, Best of Canadian Comic Book Creators 2012

September 30, 2012

The Joe Shuster Awards

On September 15, 2012, a great Canadian event took place at Comic-Con in Montreal. It time to honour the impressive works of a unique group of people in print and on the Web - comic book creators.

Named for one of the ingenious creators of Superman, the Joe Shuster Awards celebrates excellence in the divisions of everything comic book, from cartooning, writing and art to the publishing and retailers of the final products. It is a made-in-Canada celebration and only Canadian creators are eligible for the awards. The Joe Shuster Awards was established in 2004.


And Drum Roll, please... Introducing the Award Winners:

Outstanding Comic Book Cover Artist:

Francois Lapierre for Chroniques Sauvages, published by Glenat Quebec

"The jury felt that Lapierre captured an intriguing, atmosphereic and appealing design," said the Joe Shuster Awards (JSA).

Outstanding Web Comics Creator:

Emily Carroll for Margot's Room

In their decision, the jury noted "that Carroll effectively makes the reader a part of the action in a way that raditionalpaper and print storytelling just isn't capable of doing." Along with being interactive, said JSA, "her comics are fun and engaging and worth bookmarking!"

Outstanding Web Comics Creator 2012:  Emily Carroll
Joe Shuster Awards: Outstanding Web Comics Creator 2012: Emily Carroll

Outstanding Comic Book Cartoonist:  Ramon K. Perez

Outstanding Comic Book Cartoonist:

Ramon K. Perez for Jim Henson's Tale of Sand, published by Archaia Press

The story is an adaptation of script by Jim Henson that was not turned into film.

Outstanding Comic Book Artist:

Stuart Immonen for Fear Itself 1-7.

Immonen also won in 2012 for his exacting work on Ultimate Spiderman and the New Avengers.

Outstanding Comic Book Writer:

Kurtis J. Wiebe for Green Wake 1-8, published by Image Comics

The Green Wake is a series of Horror Comics begun in 2011.

Joe Shuster Awards, Outstanding Comic Book Cartoonist 2012: Ramon K. Perez
"Ariane et Nicolas, Tome 6: Les Toiles Mysterieuses

The Dragon Award - Comics for Kids:

Paul Roux for Ariane et Nicolas, Tome 6: Les Toiles Mysterieuses

The book is the 6th in the series of fascinating comics, Les 400 Coups publisher.

The Gene Day Award for Self-Publishers:

Dakota McFadzean for Ghost Rabbit

Ghost Rabbit, said TJSA jury, has "ambiguity, mystery, the hint of greater outside the borders of each panel, the things that we don't get to see vs. what we do, all of which fit nicely with the ghost theme."

The Harry Kremer Award for Outstanding Comic Book Retailer:

The Silver Snail, Toronto, Ontario

The Silver Snail is a chain of Canadian comic book stores, the first store opened for business 30 years ago.


"Ariane et Nicolas, Tome 6: Les Toiles Mysterieuses," by Paul Roux

Warm congratulations from The Cartoonists to all of the Winners and high-five to the nominees!

Born in Toronto, Ontario in 1914, Joe Shuster teamed with American cartoonist Jerry Siegel to create the marvellously entertaining and enduring Superman. Debuted as part of Action Comics #1 on April 18, 1938, the character was immensely popular almost immediately. Superman is still a favourite today, nearly 75 years later. Joe Shuster died at age 78 in 1992.

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