The by Susanna McLeod

Fagan, Kevin - Creator of "Drabble"
Falk, Lee - Creator of "Mandrake the Magician" and "The Phantom" 
Feuti, Norm - Creator of "Retail"
Fiedler, John - Interview with the Cartoonist and Creator
Fisher, Bud - Creator of "Mutt and Jeff"
Five Explanations for Random Grinning
Frank, Kevin - Creator of "Heaven's Love Thrift Shop"
Fresh Comic Strip Collections to Bring Back Your Winter Giggles (2008)
Funny Pages are Changing Again (The) March 1, 2008

Gately, George - Creator of "Heathcliff"
Gebbie Wiederseim Drayton, Grace - Creator of the "Campbell Kids" and Comics Pioneer
Generosity for All Seasons
Gerber, Steve - Creator of "Howard the Duck" and Much More
Gibel, John - and Jenny Campbell, Creators of "Flo and Friends"
Giella, John and Moy, Karen - Creators of "Mary Worth"
Gibbons, Anne - Illustrator and One of the "Six Chix"
Giggling Your Way to Publication
Gilbert, David - Creator of "Buckles"
Gilchrist Cartoon Academy - Learn cartooning from the professionals
Gilchrist, Guy and Brad - Continuing Creators of "Nancy"
Gilligan, Paul - Creator of "Pooch Cafe"
Glasbergen, Randy - Creator of "The Better Half"
Goldberg, Rube - Creator of "The Inventions" and Much More
Gould, Chester - Creator of "Dick Tracy"
Grace, Bud - Creator of "Ernie" and "The Piranha Club"
Gray, Harold - Original Creator of "Little Orphan Annie"
Groening, Matt - Creator of "The Simpsons"
Guisewite, Cathy - Creator of "Cathy"

Hallatt, Alex - Creator of "Arctic Circle"
Hambrock, John - Creator of "The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee"
Hamlin, Vincent T. - Original Creator of "Alley Oop"
Handelsman, JB "Bud" - Cartoonist for "The New Yorker" and More
Hansen, Marc - Interview with the Creator of "Ralph Snart"
Hart, Johnny - Creator of "B.C." and "Wizard of Id"
Hays, Ethel - From Flappers to Cherubic Children from her Pen
Heath, Mark - Creator of "Spot the Frog" 2004 NEA Holiday Special: "Spotting Santa"
Henderson Buell, Marjorie - Creator of "Little Lulu"
Hershfield, Harry - Cartoonist and Captivating Humourous Speaker
Hirschfeld, Al - Master Caricaturist
Bill Holbrook - Creator of "On the Fastrack" and More
Hollander, Nicole - Creator of "Sylvia"
Huey, Debbie - Creator of "Bumperboy"
Hulme, Etta - Political Cartoonist

Janz, Matt - Creator of "Out of the Gene Pool"
Jeram, Anita - Heartwarming Children's Illustrator and Author
Joe Shuster Awards - Best of Canadian Comic Book Creators 2012
Johnson, Jimmy - Interview with the Creator of "Arlo & Janis"
Johnston, Lynn - Creator of "For Better or For Worse" 2002
Johnston, Lynn - "Something Old, Something New: A For Better or For Worse 1st Treasury" 2010/11