The by Susanna McLeod

Kane, Bob and Finger, Bill - Creators of "Batman"
Keane, Bil - Creator of "The Family Circus"
Ketcham, Hank - Creator of "Dennis the Menace"
Key, Ted - Creator of "Hazel"
King, Mac & Bill - Creators of "Magic in a Minute" 
Kirkman, Rick - and Jerry Scott, Co-Creators of "Baby Blues"
Kronick, Maxine - Review: "A Grandmother's Wish" by Grandma Max, Maxine Kronick
Kunz, Anita - Illustrator

Lazarus, Mel - Creator of "Miss Peach" and "Momma"
LeBrun, Denis - and Dean Young - Creators of "Blondie"
Lee, Vic - Creator of "Pardon My Planet"
Leiknes, Mark - Creator of "Cow and Boy", the 2006 NEA Holiday Special
Lessons in Cartooning on the Web
Let's Celebrate!  75 Years of "Blondie"!
Libenson, Terri - Conversation with the Creator of "The Pajama Diaries"
Luckovich, Mike - Award-winning Editorial Cartoonist
Lord, Brian - Creator of "Kick Irrational"

MacKay, Graeme - Editorial Cartoonist of the Hamilton Spectator
MacNelly, Jeff - Creator of Shoe, and Political Cartoonist
Mallett, Jef - Creator of "Frazz" 2003 NEA Holiday Comics Special
Make Way, New Comic Strips Coming Through (2004)
McCay, Winsor - Cartoonist and Leader in Early Animation
McDonnell, Patrick - Creator of "Mutts"
McEldowney, Brooke - Creator of "9 Chickweed Lane" and "Pibgorn"
McLeod, Susanna - Old-fashioned Drawing Still the Most Important Skill for Cartoonists
Meddick, Bill - Creator of "Monty"
Melendez, Bill - Comics Creator, Businessman and Peanuts Animator"
Messick, Dale - Original Creator of "Brenda Starr"
Miller, Wiley - Creator of "Non Sequitur"
Morgan, Mike - Creator of "For Heaven's Sake"
Mosher, Terry - Political Cartoonist Aislin
Mosher, Terry - A 2007 Update on Political Cartoonist aka Aislin
Muffitt, Norm - Interview with "Bush," Editorial Cartoonist Norm Muffitt
Myers, Russell - Creator of "Broom-Hilda"

Nast, Thomas - Superb Civil War Caricaturist and Cartoonist
Natwick, Myron "Grim" - Original Creator of "Betty Boop"
NCS Reuben Award Winners - 2008
NEA Holiday Special 2007: "The Humble Stumble"
NEA Holiday Special 2010, "A Mall and the Right Visitor" - Jef Mallett, Creator of "Frazz"
New Books to Help Modernize, Digitize and Webify Your Cartoons
News from the Sketchboard
Nickel, Scott & Todd Clark, Creators of "Triple Take"

O'Hare, Mark - Creator of "Citizen Dog"