The by Susanna McLeod

Pastis, Stephan - Creator of "Pearls Before Swine"
Peirce, Lincoln - Review of "Big Nate" Collections
Peters, Mike - Creator of "Mother Goose and Grimm"
Pett, Mark - Cartoonist and Illustrator
Peyo, Pierre Culliford - Creator of "The Smurfs"
Peyton, Deborah - Cartoonist, Designer, Entrepreneur
Piccolo, Rina - Creator of "Tina's Groove" and one of "Six Chix"
Picture Book Illustrations at Last Recognized as "Art"(2008)
Piraro, Dan - Creator of "Bizarro"
Plummer, Elmer - Artist and Disney Illustrator
Potter, Beatrix - Illustrator and Author of "Peter Rabbit"
Price, Hilary B. - Creator of "Rhymes With Orange"

Raeside, Adrian - Editorial Cartoonist and Creator of "The Other Coast"
Remi, Georges, Hergé - Creator of "Tintin"
Ripley, Robert L. - Creator of "Believe it or Not!"
Rosandich, Dan - Cartooning Advice
Rosandich, Dan - Freelance Cartoonist
Rubin, Leigh - Creator of "Rubes"
Ryan, Tom K. - Creator of "Tumbleweeds"

Sansom, Chip - Creator of "The Born Loser"
Scarry, Richard - Ingenious Kids' Book Author and Illustrator
Schneider, Roy - An Update Interview with the creator of "The Humble Stumble"
Schneider, Roy - Creator of "The Humble Stumble"
Scott, Jerry - and Rick Kirkman, Co-Creators of "Baby Blues"
Shearer, Ted - Groundbreaker for Black Cartoonists
Shulock, Margaret - "Six Chix" Cartoonist and Comics Writer
Sickles, Noel - Extraordinary Illustrator and Creator of "Scorchy Smith"
Silverstein, Shel - Cartoonist, Author and Creator
Smith, Bron - Busting Health Myths: "Health Capsules" by Creator Bron Smith
Stantis, Scott - Editorial Cartoonist and Creator of "Prickly City"
Street, Philip - Interview with the Creator of "Fisher"
Stromoski, Rick - Creator of "Soup to Nutz"
Summers, Dana - Creator of ... Lots of Hilarity
Syndication Not Working? Ways to See Your 'Toon in Print

Tatulli, Mark - Creator of "Heart of the City"
Telnaes, Ann - Editorial Cartoonist and Member of "Six Chix"
Temple, Sandra - Wildlife Artist and Cartoonist
Thaves, Bob - Creator of "Frank and Ernest"
The Cartoonists: Four Years of Smiling
The National Cartoonists Society
"The Simpsons" Kwik E Mart Springs to Life
Thompson, Dan - Creator of "Rip Hayward"
Thompson, Justin - Creator of "Mythtickle" 
Thompson, Justin - The cartoonist insights of - Comics Sherpa
Thorne, Cathy - Interview with the Creator of "Everyday People"
Thumbnails, Pencil Sketches and a Wash of Colour
Toomey, Jim - Creator of "Sherman's Lagoon"
Trap, Paul - Creator of "Thatababy"
Trudeau, Garry - Creator of "Doonesbury"
Turner, Morrie - Ground-breaking Creator of "Wee Pals"
Twohy, Mike - Creator of "That's Life"