The by Susanna McLeod

Unger, Jim - Creator of "Herman"

Wagner, John - Creator of Hallmark's "Maxine"
Watterson, Bill - Creator of "Calvin and Hobbes"
Weber, Bob Jr. - Creator of "Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids"
Weingarten, Gene & Dan, and David Clark - Creators of "Barney & Clyde"
What's Better Than Having a Comic Strip Collection?  Having Two!
Wicks, Ben - Cartoonist, Author and Literacy Advocate
Wilkinson, Signe - Political Cartoonist and Creator of "Family Tree"
Wilson, Tom and Tom Wilson II, Creators of "Ziggy"
Williams, Garth M. - Illustrator of "Charlotte's Web" and Much More

Young, Dean - and Denis LeBrun, Creators of "Blondie" by Susanna McLeod